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Learn more about satellite monitoring and improve your skills. Taste our open free video tutorials and take a quiz on the topic.
If you are in the subject and cool, you are here. Pass the general test without reference to training. Assess your level of knowledge in the field of GPS monitoring of vehicles.
Everyone who passes all three tests perfectly, guaranteed and free of charge will receive a quadrocopter or action camera prize! To pass the tests perfectly, you will need to listen to our video lessons and then the prize is in your pocket.

Our company INFORMBURO has been operating in the information technology market for almost 30 years. We have been engaged in computer user training for 25 years and GPS monitoring of vehicles for 15 years. Therefore, it is no coincidence that this project, the GPS Academy, was born in our country. I try to offer a "Soviet" approach to education with a broad outlook and a deep understanding of the foundations of all related technologies. On our website, we will be able to offer our students a useful ON-Line training course in the field of Satellite monitoring of transport, including related areas of telematics. We don't try to be fun and exciting, we don't promote a particular brand. There are three initial open sections here. In total, there are more than 10 of them in the course, the cost of a full course of study is 15,000 rubles.

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Each video lesson has its own significance when passing the test. Therefore, try to carefully study each one in order to get a good result during testing. These lessons can be viewed on YouTube on our channel

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GLONASS/GPS Project Manager

General idea of satellite monitoring. Making the right management decisions at the stage of system deployment and its operation. Useful advice and recommendations to clients. Deep understanding of hardware and software capabilities

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Sales Manager GLONASS / GPS equipment

A general idea of the client's needs and the capabilities of modern satellite navigation and monitoring systems. Ways to effectively apply and use GNSS for the control and management of mobile and stationary objects

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GLONASS / GPS system monitoring operator

Understanding the principles of operation of modern satellite navigation systems, trackers, WEB servers and cellular communications. Skills of competent use of the WEB server and solving current problems with staff

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Head of logistics department or transport company

A clear understanding of the principles of operation of Satellite Monitoring Systems. An overview of all features of Wialon Server and its analogues. General knowledge of the capabilities of GPS/GLONASS equipment. communication skills with operating personnel

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Technical support engineer for GPS / GLONASS monitoring systems

Deep understanding of the principles of operation of GNSS, GPRS, tracker and its interaction with the WEB server and external sensors. All features of working with Wialon WEB server

GPS Установщик.jpg
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Installer and repairer of GPS / GLONASS equipment

Broadening your horizons and consciously performing installation work in an optimal way. Additional knowledge that allows you to correctly operate GPS equipment and find malfunctions and malfunctions in the system.

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