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You can buy 1000 or even one filling from us! All goods are in stock.

The difference in the use of cable and plastic seals

Cable seals are mainly used for sealing railway wagons, containers and van doors. That is, in those cases where significant external loads may occur, including those associated with vibration and the threat of chafing. Cable seals have different cable diameters and lengths. Separate seals with a thick cable withstand more than 1 ton of breaking. Plastic fillings are cheaper and are used in cases where daily filling and frequent periodic removal of the filling are required. They can be conditionally divided into bag  with a flat screed tape and teeth at the base. Round in cross section, they have a small diameter sufficient to seal doors and covers of various equipment.

Differences between rotary and seals and latch seals.

Rotor seals are used where it is required to tighten the control wire using a rotor. On the plastic, next to the unique number, there is a place for inscription of the date of verification. Rotary seals are used for marking appliances and fire extinguishers.

Plastic latch seals allow you to quickly close and fix the pre-tightened sealing wire. Then, with one click, you can fix it.

Tips for choosing indicator stickers

When opened, SILTEK-2 indicator stickers leave a mark on the glued surface and on the film itself. SILTEK-1 only on the film itself. Convenient when buying a small amount. Numbered tape with perforation is bought with large volumes only as a whole roll.

CPY wheel nut tightening indicators.

CPY wheel nut tightening indicators. For passenger cars we sell in any quantity starting from 1 piece! European manufacturer. Certified in the European Union. They differ in quality from indicators of Chinese production in terms of wear resistance and resistance to climatic factors. They have international labels. Wheel Nut Indicator Simple Checkpoint and Dustite LR is an easy to use and cost effective product that can quickly tell if any of your wheel nuts are loose or loose through a quick visual inspection. Seals stickers are numbered.


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