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Online courses are the best way to spend time in self-isolation

Our tuition fees

1. Training for organizations, especially new clients, is made on a prepaid basis. For regular customers, more flexible payment terms are possible.

2. When studying under an agreement with organizations, classes are held according to a pre-agreed schedule (schedule).

3. A course completion certificate is issued only upon completion of the entire full course.

4. Training on weekends or outside working hours is carried out at approved rates with a 20% surcharge.

5. Training is carried out in the computer class of the INFORMBURO company, if the client requires classes to be held on their territory, then classes are held at approved rates with a 10% surcharge.

Тест Excel

All of our courses are now available online. With Skype you will be able to see and hear the explanations and actions of the instructor. Ask questions by voice or chat, in addition, you will have the opportunity to show the results of your homework. All this without leaving home using standard Windows tools. The main thing is to install and register in the Skype program.

To join our On Line broadcasts, you need to place an order and pay using bank card. For organizations making order you need to get an invoice then pay it through the bank.

At the next stage, you need to discuss with the instructor the time that is convenient for you to conduct classes. While we do not draw up a specific schedule, we will focus on the wishes of clients, as we agree to conduct individual and group classes.

For all questions within the framework of On Line training, ask questions on the numbers of our employees We are available on WhatsApp on the same numbers. More detailed information about our company is published on the pages of our website

Absolutely free of charge take the tests on our page here you_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136d_bad passing, you will receive by Email, our corporate certificate!

Payment form  for organizations up to 40% discount!

INFORMBURO presents companies and organizations with a flexible approach to pay for computer training. Organizations can now pay for computer courses  at per student or per group of 6 rates. Therefore, our rule to pay for a group but not more than 6 people gives a significant discount to the client. With 10 students in a group, the savings will be up to 40 percent compared to teaching single students. 

When teaching students at the request of organizations, within the framework of the concluded contract, in addition to the cost of training, a payment is charged for renting and reserving our computer class. The amount of such payment is fixed and amounts to 40 thousand tenge per group for a maximum of 4 hours, regardless of the number of students.


An example of a calculation for training a group of students -

Application for 10 person Excel advanced by group form, 2 options are possible:

1. Option :  Class rental 2 half-day classes 2 x 40,000 tenge + 6 students (4 students free) x 24,000 tenge = 224,000 tenge

Option 2:

1st group Rent class 1 class full day 80000 tenge + 3 students x 24000 tenge = 152000 tenge

2nd group Class rental 2 half-day lessons 2 x 40,000 + 6 students (1 free) x 24,000 tenge = 224,000 tenge

TOTAL second option 376000 tenge

As can be seen from the example, teaching students in one large group is more profitable than splitting them into small groups.

The maximum number of students in a group cannot be more than 10 people. If the customer has a student group of more than 10 people, it should be divided into two parts. 

The training of individual students is carried out on the basis of the class schedule developed by us, coordinated with the customer. If necessary,  at the end of  classes, testing is possible for an objective assessment of students.

Our computer class

Our advantages and achievements

1. We have the most experienced teachers in the region with more than 15 years of experience in this field .

2. We have been cooperating with the largest companies in the field for more than 20 years: TCO and NCOC, PSNKazStroy

3. Computer courses is our core business. We are constantly working in the computer learning market and use only permanent full-time teachers. Competitors come and go, but we remain...

4. We thoroughly studied MS Office applications and can explain to students in the classroom each menu item and any function laid down there.

5. We are able to advise students on any MS Office issues.

6. Our teachers participated in NON-COMPUTER trainings related to the business processes of maintenance of technological equipment, material supply and in the oil and gas industry.

7. We conduct our business absolutely legally and openly, we are not "afraid" to publish our prices for training and are always ready for cooperation.

8. With the help of our partners, we are ready to organize any computer courses and trainings. Including with the involvement of foreign instructors. 

9 . Our instructors periodically take refresher courses at other well-known training centers. We try to be relevant in teaching MS Office


Atyrau Azattyk Avenue  96b office 502


tel. (7122)451533, 451532, 451537

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