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The tests we have developed take into account the requirements of large companies when hiring. The interface of the programs in the test is mainly ENGLISH, which allows you to test your skills in English and will make you feel confident when working in a foreign company.

The test material is selected based on our many years of experience working together with the largest companies.

When applying for a job, the most demanded skill is the ability to work in the EXCEL program.

EXCEL has become the most famous and popular program from the MS Office suite.

We will create similar tests for you on any topic!

Our employees have extensive experience in teaching various computer disciplines. We have been involved in major software upgrade projects in areas ranging from procurement and inventory control to equipment maintenance.

We have accumulated experience in creating various tests at the request of companies, we are ready, together with your specialists, to develop a testing system in any field of knowledge

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This presentation program is considered simple and straightforward. But when the task arises to make a modern professional presentation, many are unable to use all the available features of this program

+Access 5.jpg

Often in companies there is an Access program for working with databases. Access is the most demanded tool for automating business processes when the capabilities of Excel are not enough. Try yourself as a programmer

+Visio 1.jpg

It is generally accepted that Visio is good only for building organizational charts and floor plans. This is far from it!. With Visio, you can create complex diagrams and drawings. The main "trump card" of the program is visibility.

+Project 1.jpg

In large construction companies and in large serious production, a program for planning and tracking large projects is becoming popular. Mastery of this program can be the decisive argument for admission to the company of your dreams.

+Word 1.jpg

The Word text editor is familiar to many and many think that they know it very well. But do you know how to automatically create content and group footnotes? How to create a blank form with combo boxes?_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf What You Don't Know About Word

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