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Simulators CAN bus for settings for OBDII trackers

Very often, when using CAN or OBDII trackers, there is a problem of pre-configuration in the laboratory. Using CAN bus simulators, all the work of setting up the tracker can be done on the table in the laboratory, there is no need to spend hours in the cab of the car studying the parameters of the CAN bus.

Our simulators allow you to simulate the operation of trucks and cars. It is easy to check and adjust the fuel consumption control, engine speed, temperature and other engine operation parameters.

Differences between OBD II and CAN

OBD II connector

Many people confuse and do not distinguish between the concepts of OBDII and CAN bus, but they are. Let's try to explain these differences in simple terms.

The term CAN bus is more capacious and powerful in comparison with OBDII. CAN bus signal monitoring covers all parameters and all devices in the vehicle. Signals from closing the doors and turning on the air conditioner, to the ignition timing and fuel consumption. All events and all parameters in a modern car are controlled by the CAN bus.

OBDII is a narrower set of monitored parameters that mainly affects the operation of the engine and only partially the operation of the suspension and electrical equipment. Moreover, the parameters related to fuel consumption control, efficiency and environmental friendliness in OBDII are hidden very deeply or not presented at all. There are many reasons for this, the most prosaic one is that each manufacturer is not interested in providing the car owner with truthful data related to fuel consumption.

Yellow contacts CAN other OBDII protocols

Despite the fact that all signals are present in the CAN bus and it is possible to intercept almost all parameters, fuel consumption is still not easy to calculate, since each manufacturer encodes these parameters in its own way, and the encoding sometimes specially changes from model to model. This is done so that real objective diagnostics can only be performed at branded service stations using branded equipment. Despite the fact that the OBDII protocols are more standardized, they usually lack many parameters that are interesting for the driver. And diagnostics through the OBDII connector is superficial.

Nevertheless, on the OBDII diagnostic connector, as a rule, you can find "filtered" standardized OBDII data and there are CAN bus data on adjacent contacts, but their use by ordinary drivers is limited for the reasons described above.

Simple tracker OBDII  beacon

For situations where you need to quickly change trackers by rearranging them between cars, an OBDII tracker is an ideal solution. Such a tracker is inserted into the OBDII connector somewhere on the left under the dashboard. The main thing for him is to get power, the functions of the on-board computer in this case do not matter much. The main advantage of this solution was quickly installed and quickly removed.

Driver identification by smart card

With the help of a smart card reader in the reports on the site, it becomes possible to link all violations and other events with a specific driver.

We are able to control the driver's presence by his badge or other smart card using a sound signal or voice message.

We will prepare personalized smart cards for the driver ourselves. Ready to use SMART pass cards used by the client

Our customers' vehicles operate on the territory of major oil companies. Large companies impose strict requirements for traffic safety at their facilities. simply.

We have created a device capable of competing in this market of services with functionality corresponding to the most demanding customers.

Our Smart GNS device is not only capable of beeping, it is also capable of making specific warnings and messages by voice. The number of reports and their content fully cover the requirements for AVL systems in TCO

In addition, our system can be installed on any machine without compromising functionality. Connecting the necessary sensors is not a problem for us.

Additional GPS monitoring services and OBDII equipment

Thanks to the accumulated experience and unique capabilities of Wialon Hosting, INFORMBURO is able to solve the most complex and unusual tasks that most potential customers are not even aware of.

  1. Linking the control of engine hours not only with fuel consumption, but also with the need to perform maintenance. all this can be done in the reports on our Wialon Hosting website.

  2. Obtaining detailed information, i.e. a report on the use of the fleet of vehicles, indicating messages, hours and working days. Such reports facilitate the procedure for monitoring the correctness of the calculation of the monthly fee.

  3. In some cases, it is required control of not quite standard parameters such as the temperature in the refrigerator or control of engine warm-up in winter, we can also generate such reports on our website.

  4. We will help you test and configure trackers to work with the CAN bus using our diagnostic and simulation tools .

  5. Means of identifying drivers using special smart cards or standard passes used in TCO or NCOC.  

  6. We can prepare a report on the site that would help identify machines that have been idle for a long time and control cases of failures in the GPS monitoring system.

We assist our colleagues and clients in the installation, commissioning and installation of third-party equipment.

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