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Our customers' vehicles operate on the territory of major oil companies. Large companies impose strict requirements for traffic safety at their facilities. simply.

We have created a device capable of competing in this market of services with functionality corresponding to the most demanding customers.

Our Smart GNS device is not only capable of beeping, it is also capable of making specific warnings and messages by voice. The number of reports and their content completely cover the requirements for AVL systems in TCO

In addition, our system can be installed on any machine without compromising functionality. Connecting the necessary sensors is not a problem for us.

Smart GNS track features

  • Sound signals for various events and violations

  • Voice messages - warnings about violations and informational nature.

  • Binding of events and control of parameters such as speed in specific geofences.

  • Connecting sensors:

  •     low beam

  •     Seat belt control

  •     Green driving, Eco drive.

  •     Hard braking

  •     Hard acceleration

  •     Impacts on bumps and pits

  •     Sharp turn

  • Hours counting

  • Continuous driving time control, rest time control

  • Identification of the driver and binding to all violations.

  • Receive reports on specific drivers

  • Evaluation of the work of drivers by points of violations

  • Operational notifications on the monitoring site

  • SMS notifications for especially gross violations

  • Message archive one year

  • Flush-mounted or portable module for frequent replacement.

  • The ability to install on any type of machine without using the CAN bus, which significantly expands the scope.

Unlike competitors, our solution is three times cheaper in terms of one-time costs and the cost of a monthly fee

The Smart GNS track device created by us allows not only to promptly inform the driver about the events taking place. Like all GPS trackers, information is received on our Wialon Hosting website, where it already becomes possible to receive various reports and fix notifications of violations in a timely manner.

Thus, we have achieved maximum functionality in one device.

All functions performed in one device save time on connecting and configuring the system as a whole.

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