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Based on MS Excel forms, applications are collected from each department. With the help of MS Excel, all received applications for training courses are automatically processed and a general consolidated budget is formed, taking into account the needs for individual types of training, for each department and the company as a whole. Generated reports allow you to take into account the costs of training contractors, travel per diem, transport and booking, accommodation for instructors and students. Implemented in the company 9000 employees

Adaptation to the needs of the customer is provided + 30-50% of the cost of the product

The MS Access + VBA database allows you to keep records of students and the passage of certain types of training and courses by employees. Based on the training needs, the course schedule is formed. Based on the results of the training, statistics are kept for each employee and department, including the calculation of current and associated training costs.

It is envisaged to conduct multi-stage training. The frequency of passing critical courses and permits is tracked. Implemented in the company by 9000 employees

Adaptation to the needs of the customer is provided + 20-30% of the cost of the product

The organizational structure is generated in MS Visio automatically, based on the data MS Excel. The personnel department provides lists of employees, according to a template, with data on the position of departments and subordination structures. MS Visio + VBA automatically process Excel spreadsheets and create separate diagrams for each element of the enterprise structure. The results are automatically exported to a PDF file. Tested in an oil company by 11,000 employees

Adaptation to the needs of the customer is provided + 20-25% of the cost of the product

Database created on the basis of MS Access + VBA. Allows you to automate the process of accounting for the receipt of oil from the fields by road to the oil terminal and the shipment of oil using rail transport. Allows you to keep distributed accounting separately at the fields and at the terminal. Information is exchanged periodically OFF line by transferring and processing the 1st database file. Linkage with GPS monitoring of transport, processing of data on the movement of tankers with crude oil is provided. Data from GPS trackers refine logistics information

Adaptation to the needs of the customer is provided + 30-50% of the cost of the product

Database accounting of objects and settlements with clients 
GPS monitoring  

All companies working in the field of GPS monitoring are faced with the problem of accounting for equipment and settlements with customers. The Gurtam company offers billing calculations within the server, but they go regardless of accounting installed on equipment objects.

The database created by us solves the following tasks.

1. Accounting for traffic and active units on the Wialon website in On Line mode. The database always contains up-to-date information on the traffic of objects, the phone number and the name of the object on the site.

2. The database keeps a record of all cars and other objects with data on the tracker, phone number, FLS, IMEI number, etc.

3. Separately, all work performed on machines for installation and dismantling is taken into account; these works are also taken into account in settlements with customers.

4. Active days are taken into account when the equipment transmitted information to the server (for settlements with clients)

5. The database allows you to identify objects with excessive (inflated) traffic.

6. The database contains reports  allowing to identify faulty equipment: Trackers that are silent or FLS sending incorrect information.

7. There are various types of reporting provided to the client to justify the correctness of the calculation for a month or any period.

8. There are opportunities to identify problematic cars from customers on which breakdowns and malfunctions often occur.

9. There is a base of installed equipment and equipment in stock. including trackers, SIM cards, FLS and other devices such as sensors and flow meters.

10. The database provides for the possibility of installing several trackers or remote controls on some objects.

11. The database, among other things, contains information on fuel tanks with the results of calibration.

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