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INFORMBURO has started transferring clients to a new GPS monitoring site.

The new Wialon Hosting website allows customers to get new opportunities:

  1. Reports on mileage and fuel consumption provide more accurate information

  2. Fuel reports use more advanced algorithms to detect fuel drains and fills

  3. More clearly displayed on the map is the state of the car

  4. A mobile version of the site and a special mobile application for customers appeared.

  5. Now on the new site, we guarantee our customers trouble-free operation of the GPS monitoring server.

  6. Reliability is ensured by SUPER COMPUTER, which is responsible for the Wialon Hosting website.

  7. Two million vehicles around the world transmit data to a shared server with us.

  8. Gradually, we will be able to satisfy the most sophisticated customer requests. 

  9. The ability to connect and control the operation of tachographs together with trackers.

  10. Reports on motor hours and control of the operation of mechanisms.

  11. The ability to keep records of maintenance of all cars and special equipment, including planning repairs and replacement of fuel and lubricants.

  12. The ability to control a careful ride for respect for the technique and compliance with safety conditions

  13. Video monitoring motion tracking using photo and video recording

  14. Connecting tachographs to the site and processing their data together with trackers.

  15. Personal accounting and control of drivers using driver identification systems

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