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How We Succeeded

  1. We are really successful in our business, as evidenced by our history. We have been on the GPS monitoring market in Atyrau continuously for over 12 years.

  2. When solving various problems with clients, we first solve them, and then we demand payment.

  3. When considering conflict situations related to fixing fuel drains. We try to be extremely objective and in disputable situations we are on the side of the DRIVER.

  4. We are loyal to the problems of clients who treat us with respect and observe financial discipline.

  5. We do not "divorce" lengthy proceedings regarding breakdowns and malfunctions of equipment, we eliminate everything, replace it and then find out the reasons and make a decision on payment.

  6. We always take on complex non-standard tasks. Very often we offered the client solutions that were even ahead of the needs of the time and the market, sometimes clients contact us again after they are "ripe" for such solutions.

  7. We never criticize or discuss with the client the work of competitors.  We have no competitors - we have colleagues.

  8. Using our connections and clientele, we have repeatedly helped to solve various problems for our clients

Our advantages

We openly conduct our business and are not afraid of competition. Our main advantages are reliability and experience. We are loyal to customers and offer flexible payment terms. 

1. We are open in terms of pricing policy. Prices are published on the site and they do NOT grow but only fall!!

2. We build our business on the interests of a variety of clients. And we don't depend on one major customer.

3. We have the greatest experience in the region in the field of GPS monitoring - we were the first in Atyrau. Our experience in this field is more than 12 years.

4. We have local staff and we respond quickly to customer needs, we really serve the customer, and do not make promises.

5. We have implemented a variety of projects and tested dozens of types of equipment.

Work with clients

  1. We have about a hundred large and small clients. 

  2. Under our control is about a thousand units of vehicles and other equipment.

  3. The cars on our site stop only when they get up for repairs or are decommissioned.

  4. Clients sometimes leave us, in the pursuit of low prices, but after 2-3 years they return. Because we really work, not promises.

  5. We are friendly and loyal to our customers, we offer discounts and payment deferrals to many regular customers. No non-resident company will forgive the client for delays in payment.

  6. Our equipment has been working for accurate customers for more than 5-6 years and everything is under warranty.

  7. We require payment for the repair and replacement of equipment only in cases where we see that the cause of the malfunction is the intentional actions of the customer's personnel.

  8. If the equipment stops working, we first of all restore its operation, and then deal with the payment.

  9. For regular customers we install equipment without prepayment, only from new customers we usually require a partial prepayment.

  10. We offer customers a variety of payment options, including ON - line payments on our website.

  11. We regularly perform maintenance and repair of equipment not only in the city of Atyrau but also within the region. We even solve problems in neighboring regions of Kazakhstan, involving our colleagues from other companies.

What GPS monitoring cannot do

The tracker and FLS installed on the car is a tool for controlling the driver, but in order for it to be effective, the administration must strictly suppress all attempts of sabotage and breakdowns of GPS equipment, without this there will be no success.

The data received from the GPS system cannot replace accounting, they only supplement it and allow theft to be detected.

GPS monitoring is only profitable in the form of savings when administration is spent on maintaining the system in good working order. GPS monitoring requires a monthly investment, as well as the cost of a garage and transport in a car company. 

The introduction of such a system requires the company administration to adjust business processes 

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INFORMBURO offers a system that allows you to track the movement of a vehicle on a map in real time and monitor the status of fuel sensors. Such systems are often called AVL (Auto Vehicle Lock) or BSK (On-Board Control System) - GPS vehicle monitoring system.

The capabilities of the system offered by INFORMBURO are not limited to the tasks of tracking the movement of a car. Thanks to the use of original technical solutions and modern technologies of the Wialon Hosting Website, we can solve the problems of security and safety in transport, fuel consumption control, and personnel movement control.

Our system based on the Wialon Hosting platform is a multifunctional, intelligent system that allows you to monitor the location of the car and its condition in the GSM (cellular communication) coverage area in real time using the built-in GPS (satellite navigation system). The equipment used in the system allows you to automatically respond to certain events, receive commands and send messages using the built-in GSM modem.


Atyrau Azattyk Avenue  96b office 502


tel. 8 (7122) 451533, 451532, 451537

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