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3D printing and computers

Server platform - for Wialon web server

We offer a turnkey solution, a hardware complex  with characteristics that have proven well in our company and have been tested as a result of 4 years of work. The client has a choice of two options to buy a completely new server with characteristics exceeding the needs of the company with 1000 objects, as if for growth and with a set of spare hard drives. 4 HDD server level reliability. CPU Xenon b 64GB RAM

A similar configuration, but used, can be offered for half the price of a new one, we guarantee the reliability of this kit, we are ready to provide spare HDDs of increased reliability in the kit

3D printing is easy?!?!

A 3D printer allows you to print three-dimensional figures or plastic parts without the help of special courses. When using this technology, you need to remember and take into account the following features.

1. The size of the figurines is not large, maximum Height is 20 cm. Width Length is approximately 15 cm. More expensive models can make figurines a little larger, cheaper ones less.

2. Some 3D printers allow you to print with two heads at once using a different plate. For example, two different colors or part of the part is made of plastic, and part is made of "rubber". The use of 2 heads takes place in turn. In reality, 2-heads are used extremely rarely,   you can usually do without it ...

3. In some printer models, a 3D scanner is mounted in the same case, which at the beginning of the process is used to "photograph" then this digital model is processed using a special program.

4. The quality of the plastic is of great importance and the ambient air conditions at the place where the printer works.  A stable atmosphere around the printer is very important for work. Humidity, drafts, temperature changes  really interfere with 3D printing.

5. Almost always printing a new model requires some adjustment and test printing. Complex 3D models often require multiple test prints.

5. Printing time is usually long. A small figure of 10 cm can be printed from 30 minutes to several hours, depending on the complexity.

6. The cost of such figures is from 1000 tenge to 3-5 thousand tenge.

7. Not every model created in AutoCAD or 3D MAX can be printed on a printer. Since the printer creates a model (figure) in layers, and this must be taken into account at the stage of creating a digital model. It is often easier to print individual elements and then simply glue them together. For example: Walls separately, Furniture separately, Roof separately, etc.

3D scanner

A handheld, portable 3D scanner allows you to scan even large human-sized objects. But its "sharpness" resolution does not allow you to "photograph" small details such as a printer gear or jewelry. The maximum that is possible to make a 3D model of a human figure in the form of a souvenir 10-15 cm in size, in which you can recognize the facial features of a person. Or, for example, scan the statuette

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