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Running line and LED panels

All items listed on the website are in stock. Retail prices, buy at least 1 piece. We will discuss a discount for bulk purchases

A ticker is a great way to advertise your business! As a rule  differ in the number of displayed colors and sizes. In addition, there are additional options to automate or facilitate the process of replacing the displayed text.

Recently, the use of a running line on cars has become popular.

The LED panel can display not only the usual "running" text, but also a video signal when using more expensive equipment. If screen size is not taken into account, customers can choose from three ticker options

1.Single color - monochrome, such as red, or green, or white

2. 3-color - red, green, yellow 

3. Full color - color TV

The text on the screen is most often changed via a USB flash drive. But now it is becoming popular to replace text via the Internet, c using cellular or WiFi.

Car advertising is a great way to advertise your business from GPS tracking to computer courses.

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