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A man without memory faces a flawed future...

Photo chronicle of the development of Atyrau (Guriev) 1917 - 1945

All archival photographs are obtained from open sources on the Internet. All of them were made in the Atyrau region and in the city itself many years ago. Only some pictures were taken near our city, but they perfectly convey the spirit of that time. The archival chronicle has preserved the spirit of that time to this day.

1937 newsreel footage - Construction of the Guryev-Kandagach railway. Thanks to this railway line, the intensive development of industry in the Guryev region began. 

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1941-1945 residents of  Guriev, participants in the Great Patriotic War. Our countrymen fought and won on the fields of war, wives and children worked hard in the rear. This period of history deserves a separate story. I would like to express my deep gratitude to Talgat Ilyasov, who created this video and many others,  describing military and labor feats of countrymen._cc781905-5cde-3194-bb5d5b

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