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A man without memory faces a flawed future...

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1962 newsreels.  Big catches still did not foretell that in 50 years the red fish in the Ural River would almost disappear. 

1964 newsreels - fishing for red fish in the Caspian. Sailing boats evoke romantic memories. There were more fish in the sea and in the Urals.

100 years - Photo chronicle of fishing in Atyrau from 1880 to 1980

The first fisheries appeared in 1700-1800 between Astrakhan and Atyrau. Then there were fishing artels on the Ural River. They were constantly raided and plundered. Then a small fortress appeared on the site of our city and garrisons for the protection of fishing artels. It was the fish that became the reason for the emergence of our city. The city developed, the names changed at the beginning it was called Yaitsky town, Nizhny Uralsk, then Guryev is now Atyrau

Photos in the collections are not repeated !!

So far, we have been updating this collection dedicated to fishing in the Urals and the Caspian. In December 2018, a terrible incident occurred in the Ural River, chemicals that caused a mass death of fish in the city. The old- timers   will not remember such an incident . All fish died downstream   including stock at hatcheries. Disaster damage is difficult to assess in winter conditions . But in the summer it may become so that we will lose fish in the Urals. This event should not go unpunished, and we will have to ask for forgiveness from future generations for many years to come , for the barbaric attitude to nature.

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